Web Tips
Web Tip # 1Don't like the current background on this site? Just click on the "Change Background" tile and select a new background image. You can also adjust the opacity to lighten the image.
Web Tip # 2You can track your orders at any time on the BioLegend website by visiting: biolegend.com/order_tracking. A sales order (SO) number is required.
Web Tip # 3If a product is "Coming Soon" you can sign up to be emailed when it is available for purchase.
Web Tip # 4You can save a list of favorite products using the Favorites button in the header. Login is required to use this function.
Web Tip # 5You can view your most recently viewed TDS's with the Recently Viewed Products button in the header.
Web Tip # 6The easiest way to view all available formats of multiple antibodies is by using the Multicolor Panel Selector.
Web Tip # 7The best way to compare data across clones is by using the Clone Comparison tool.
Web Tip # 8You can modify the colors of the data on the Spectra Analyzer. Use the "Customize Colors" button to bring up the interface.
Web Tip # 9Our Spectra Analyzer works on all browsers and on mobile, unlike the spectra viewers of other companies.
Web Tip # 10Our Product Reviews Library can be searched by specificity, clone, or catalog number.
Web Tip # 11We've been giving out $500 monthly Travel Awards every month since 2008 (and no purchase is required). Apply now!
Web Tip # 12Use our Instrument Guide to get an idea of what fluorophores can be used on commercial flow cytometers.
Web Tip # 13Our Instrument Guide can provide information on whether an instrument is a cell sorter or just an analyzer.
Web Tip # 14Build flow panels using our Multicolor Panel Selector. If you need more help, just fill out our Custom Panel Construction form and we'll do the rest.
Web Tip # 15To learn more about the gene information on the TDS, find the GeneID field and click on the number to view the Pubmed info for the gene.
Web Tip # 16Looking for a specific isotype control? On each web product data sheet, a link to the recommended isotype control is provided.
Web Tip # 17Need to see a more detailed fluorescence microscopy data image? Just click on the IF image on the web TDS and it will open a hi-res pdf for viewing.
Web Tip # 18Unsure about buying a product? See what others are saying about the product in our Reviews Library. Also check out the Publication Library if it's been published.
Web Tip # 19Need a discount? Just contact our sales team here.
Web Tip # 20Many web data sheets have supplemental data. Be sure to look below the data image to see the link if there is supplemental data attached.
Web Tip # 21You can check the availability of products with the "Check Availability" icon on the TDS located next to the pricing.
Web Tip # 22Need a slide for a presentation but you don't have the time to re-create it? Just use one of ours from our Slide Library.
Web Tip # 23Our Lab Tools has a collection of 12 calculators, converters, and a timer.
Web Tip # 24Need a calculator to figure out how much antibody volume you need to use? Go to our Lab Tools and select the Ab Usage Calculator. Also download the app for mobile.
Web Tip # 25Looking for a content page, but not a product? Be sure to change the search menu option to Content Search.
Web Tip # 26Can't keep track of your discount codes? Just login and click "Saved Quotes" to add a new quote or view saved quotes. Also add the quote to your cart from here.
Web Tip # 27Like us on Facebook to see special promotions and amusing content.
Web Tip # 28Learn a bit about the history of BioLegend with our company Timeline found on our Company page.
Web Tip # 29Subscribe to us on YouTube and get updates on our newest videos.
Web Tip # 30To view our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certificates, visit our Quality Control page.
Web Tip # 31Unsure about what an application abbreviation refers to? Just click on the application abbreviation in the TDS to go to a page with full explanations of each application.
Web Tip # 32Unsure about which lasers excite your fluorophore conjugate? Look on the TDS and the appropriate excitation lasers are indicated or view our Spectra Analyzer.
Web Tip # 33Did you know that all our Pathways are interactive? Just click on the protein or antigen to find relevant products.
Web Tip # 34Need a fast turn-around time on a custom conjugation (typically 2 weeks)? Inquire today.
Web Tip # 35Need to buy large quantities of any product? Fill out our bulk request form and get a great deal.
Web Tip # 36Cells have personality, too. Take our "Which Immune Cell Are You?" quiz to see which cell matches your personality.
Web Tip # 37Need a protocol? Each TDS has a button linked to the protocol used for QC testing, or just visit the Protocols page.
Web Tip # 38You can do a search for multiple specificities and other criteria using our Advanced Search.
Web Tip # 39Have questions? We have an extensive FAQ section covering ordering, products, applications, and more. You can also search by keywords.
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