Annexin V Binding Buffer

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Annexin V Binding Buffer has been formulated for flow cytometric labeling of apoptotic cells with Annexin V reagents.  The buffer is provided as a ready-to-use solution.

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Storage & Handling
This product is guaranteed for nine months. Store between 2°C and 8°C.

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Recommended Usage

Annexin V Binding Buffer is recommended for use with Annexin V reagents. Cells should be resuspended in Annexin V Binding Buffer at a concentration 1x106/ml and then combined with Annexin V reagents at the recommended volumes.

Application Notes

Annexin V Staining
1. Wash cells twice with cold BioLegend cell staining buffer (cat # 420201) and then resuspend cells in Annexin V Binding Buffer (cat # 422201) at a concentration of 1x106 cells/ml.
2. Transfer 100 µl of cell suspension in 5 ml test tube.
3. Add 5 µl of fluorochrome conjugated Annexin V.
4. Add 10 µl of PI solution (cat # 421301) or 7-AAD (cat # 420403/420404).
5. Gently vortex the cells and incubate for 15 min at RT (25 °C) in the dark.
6. Add 400 µl of Annexin V Binding Buffer (cat # 422201) to each tube. Analyze by flow cytometry.

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